In order to define and agree on the final price of monthly services, it is necessary to have a conversation and see what you need, and there is a possibility of agreement and a lump-sum monthly price.

The prices of our advisory, bookkeeping and accounting services depend on:
  • Activities
  • Business volume
  • Number of employees
  • Number of documents
  • Number of basic funds
  • Are you in the VAT system?
Flat-rate pricelist of counseling, bookkeeping and accounting services

Package "S"

500 Kn/mj
  • Company without employees

  • URA, IRA: up to 20 pcs

  • Submission of GFI: 1

Package "M"

1,000 Kn/mj
  • Calculation of salary up to 5

  • URA, IRA: up to 100 pcs

  • Submission of GFI: 1

Package "L"

1,500 Kn/mj
  • Calculation of salary up to 5

  • URA, IRA: up to 100 pcs

  • Monthly/quarterly VAT payer

  • Submission of GFI: 1

Price of independent advisory, accounting and auditing services

*prices are expressed without VAT

1. Invoices
  • Posting inbound accounts 10,00kn/kom
  • Posting outgoing accounts 10,00kn/kom
  • Posting bank statements 2,00kn/stavka
  • Other postings through basal 2,00kn/stavka
2. Property records
  • Fundamental asset records 7,50kn/kom
  • Small inventory records 4,00kn/kom
  • Property list report 25,00kn/kom
  • Calculation of depreciation 32,00kn/stavka
3. Keeping the cashier
  • Posting payments 8,00kn/kom
  • Cash status report 25,00kn/kom
  • Preparing a payment order 5,00kn/kom
4. Wages and employees
  • Monthly salary calculation 70,00kn/kom
  • Printing wages and envelopes 10,00kn/kom
  • Send JOPPD to Tax Administration 70,00kn/kom
  • Annual salary calculation report 70,00kn/kom
  • Scholarships payment / JOPPD 70,00kn/kom
5. Travel orders
  • Control and posting of travel orders 30,00kn/kom
  • Monthly local drive calculation 30,00kn/kom
  • Sending JOPPD forms 70,00kn/kom
6. Financial statements
  • GTL-STAT 70,00kn/kom
  • Monthly/quarterly VAT calculation 90,00kn/kom
  • VAT on billed accounts 150,00kn/kom
  • Annual financial report for FINA
    (Croatian Financial agency)
  • Annual financial report for FINA
    for public announcement
  • Annual calculation for the tourist community 125,00kn/kom
  • Annual calculation for general forest functions 125,00kn/kom
7. Bank statements and the profit and loss account
  • Debt report 100,00kn/kom
  • Bank report 200,00kn/kom
  • Profit and loss account 100,00kn/kom
8. Counseling and interest calculation
  • Tax consulting 300,00kn/h
  • Accounting counseling 250,00kn/h
  • Calculation of interest 50,00kn/kom

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